My name is Kimi. I share my life with four children (one of which I married), four livestock guardian dogs, four sheep, eight goats, three horses, a ton of chickens, one retired mutt, and one complicated cat. My favorite place in the world is in the dirt, surrounded by critters, kiddos, and one crazy husband (remember that child I married - yep, that's him lying on the ground).

I homeschooled my three daughters who are now on their way into adulthood, started and dissolved an organic feed company, became a mediocre poet, a published author, a certified raw dog food nutrition specialist, a livestock guardian dog breeder... all while obtaining my certification in Natural Animal Health. I'm almost there! Sound crazy yet? 


Not at all! It is on this wild ride I encountered ignorance. It was right there, rooted in the things I thought I knew. The knowledge I sought? Standing on the edge of mistakes, I'd made. I now stand at a junction of simple recognition. Every exhilarating step I take forward is an opportunity - a graceful return to freedom. 


Yes, I am one of those crazy people that believes we must return to a more straightforward, natural way of life. It might sound silly, but a return to simple requires radical change:


It requires the recognition that mind, body, and spirit are all equal. They are integral parts of any being. One will never function at full potential unless all are harmoniously united. 


It requires abandoning the belief that you have no control over health and well-being. It demands an ideal that MUST be proactive and begins with nutrition. 

It requires realizing the foundation to any belief lies within YOU! For when you change, all will change around you. I most definitely don't have everything figured out. I've made almost every mistake you could conjure. I've had to forget everything I thought I knew about caring for animals and myself. And more times than not be reminded to thank God for this exhilarating breath I call life.