about our Casually Cockeyed Farm...

It is along our Casually Cockeyed path that we encountered the joys of raising, chickens, horses, dogs, bees, and goats. I won't include cats here because well, I don't think you raise cats - you're just allowed to enjoy their company. As we began this journey, we knew we wanted to do so in a wholesome, organic way, allowing nature to influence us in our approach. In our mind, it was apparent that this must begin with nutrition. 


This research paid off with the first product - Greens, Fruits, & Flowers. The results of feeding this to our animals empowered us and furnished with a desire to share these recipes with our neighbors. One Casually Cockeyed path usually leads to another, and as our journey continues to guide and encourage us, we eagerly await to pass new recipes onto your farm. 


The earth supplies us with abundance, and we feel this is our way to share that gift with you. As our hands begin to extend to the small farms and feed stores around us, we hope that you, who are beyond our reach, will share in a piece of our Casually Cockeyed Farm along your way, so that our home may become a small part of yours.



Passing onto our animals that which we value:

a passion for wholesome, organic nutrition and a

thoughtful contribution therein.



A little bit (pun intended) about what you'll find here:


We named our blog "Our 2 Cents" because that may be about all it's worth to you. When seeking advice, feeds, supplements, treats, etc., make sure they are like farmers from a similar region. As farmers firmly planted where we are, we are also deeply rooted in our beliefs and routines. What works for one farm might not be the best scenario for another.


I grew up in North Georgia, moved to Montana for seven years; then, found my way back to the acidic red clays and warm humidity of the South. Any advice or product offered must be with consideration for the climate, land, and predators in which we encounter. The significantly colder, drier climate, alkaline soils, and larger predators of Montana would most likely dictate a different approach. Differences don't set us apart but contribute to the beauty of knowledge and collectively brings us together as






Happy chicken, goat, horse, dog, bee... whatever you keep, may you always find happiness there! May it prove to be a healthy and fulfilling journey; and, may our casually cockeyed path provide for you a bit of comfort along your way.



-Farming is the act of planting today's hope in the promise of a fulfilling tomorrow-