The Rooster's Promise

When your mind reminisces

of an old house

on the farm,

you always think

of me; why?

I'm the

icon of charm.

When an artist begins

to paint upon

the stark white,

it is me who

begs borrow

from the palette knife.

The ladies swoon

at my entering presence,

and my deep

crow sings

of their faithful acceptance.

I strut and swagger

on the land I rule;

any threat

entering here

simply proves a fool.

I am all that you desire,

and your imagination

does arouse,

but to allow

your affections

well, this I cannot allow.

There is a reputation

I must, for the ladies, uphold,

but I will protect

your hens

to my life,

I'll be bold.

My heart belongs here;

from fear,

I face with calmness;

I'm the ruler of this land -

the rooster's promise.

#proseandcons #roosters #chickens