Now Wait A Casually Cockeyed Minute!

We are busy these days; it seems our minutes continue to shrink into mere blinks! The time we have to read and learn ends up getting buried under work, family, bills, farm duties, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning...

Shew, where did the day go?

This lack of time is why I've decided to start a series of quick learning opportunities that only take about a minute. One minute a day times 365 days a year equates to over 6 hours. That doesn't sound like a lot, and I know you're thinking what can I possibly learn in that amount of time?

Well, in one minute I found out that 6 hours is about the average time for a person to read a 300 page novel in one sitting. Some readers could finish two books in this amount of time! Furthermore, this task happens at a rate of about 250 – 300 words per minute. So, let's begin reading that novel.

In these short "novel ideas," I'll focus on the ingredients we use and why we do so - the pastures and plots that these ingredients support - and of course the animals that enjoy and benefit from all of our Casually Cockeyed efforts. Okay, so there might be a smidgen of barnyard banter in there too.

I hope these snippets of information will help you along your Casually Cockeyed Path - that one minute spent here will provide priceless change to the rest of your days, weeks, and years to come!

Happy Farming!