A Pastured Bowl of Pasta

Now wait a Casually Cockeyed Minute #1

This year has been one of the driest I can remember. The lushness of our pastures quickly faded into a track and field event area.

What do we do when our pastures and plots are offering more of an abandoned sports field than providing nutritive value to their residents?

First and foremost, HAY. For many of us, this would seem to be a go to without discussion, but you would be surprised at the amount of people I've spoken with who turn immediately to concentrates (grain based feeds). If we think about it - and I sell concentrates for a living - when the mainstay of nutrition is grounded in forage, it only makes sense first to seek the help of its dried counterpart.

Let's take a look at a somewhat simplistic, yet relatable, analogy:

A bowl of pasta begs for nutritive help. In come some vegetables and protein to its aid. Think of adding dried forage as if you were adding these components to your needy pasta. As for those concentrates? I like to think of them like the parmesan cheese of the dish. A little goes a long way and is delicious! But, add too much, and you can tip the scales in a direction away from benefit.

So, when our pastured bowl of pasta needs our help in sustaining nutrition - let's first add, in abundance, those beneficial ingredients before topping it off with a bit of cheese.

Happy Farming!

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