The Casually Cockeyed Farm

Casually Cockeyed Minute #4

The memories we have as a child mold the visions we have for tomorrow. This fondness has influenced the way I think about feeding farm animals and, I believe, is the foundation of the Casually Cockeyed Farm today.

Cows and horses roam through the pastures. As the lush greens give way to resting browns, hay gently falls out of an old truck. I follow behind, piling the flakes neatly for the animals to graze.

Helpful goats are seen meandering through the changing trees. They quickly approach the hay piles, nipping at the rougher pieces before giving way to their larger herd members. Getting back to the task at hand, they kindly vacuum up all leaves, prune creeping vines, knock down determined saplings, and trim branches.

The sheep are the connecting bridge - offering company and, in return, benefiting from varietal nutrition. They enjoy the sprawling hay piles, as well as, the brushy woodlands sheltering roaming creeks.

Chickens follow closely, scratching and pecking for seeds and bugs. They are our faithful clean-up crew! Any abandoned bits of hay get scratched into the hope for a prosperous Spring. Then the hard working planters become janitorial pasture control - Poop clean-up! They immediately upon release spring into action. First, dissecting and plucking their favorite delicacies from the fresh manure. Then decimating the pile into beneficial fertilizer, feeding the pasture itself. Finally, they aid their farm companions by ceasing the ever-persistent fly cycle.

This dysfunctional herd was brought together by a chance happening (casually), and perhaps appear to be a slightly crazy (cockeyed) group of critters, yet all work together for the good of each other and the land they inhabit.

Happy Farming!

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