Grains & Concentrates

Casually Cockeyed Minute #5

Last week, the foundation of our minutes focused on Forage. Our nutrition must begin there, and therefore, any minutes dedicated to feeding our knowledge.

Okay, if forage does the trick, then how do these grains and concentrates benefit nutrition? And, why do we even need them in the first place? These questions will "feed" our minutes this week.

How do they benefit nutrition?

Only in a diet firmly grounded in forage! In fact, most livestock when allowed to forage on healthy vegetation naturally don't need our help at all! Oops, I guess there goes my business! Well, most of our forage needs just a bit of assistance. There are things we can control through pasture management, and there are those things that are completely out of our control. Inside these uncontrollable gaps is where grains can make a nice fit.

Forage, when dried, loses many essential nutrients. Supplements are an extremely beneficial way to replenish the diet with these missing nutrients. And, a balanced blend of grains and concentrates can not only help provide supplement themselves but offer a delicious carrier for herbs and vitamins, helping all to seal the gap.

Remember the parmesan cheese in our Pastured Bowl of Pasta? A little offers a lot. This ideal is why our feeding recommendations are significantly lower than what you might expect. For example, we give our 1000 LB Horse 2 cups/ in the morning and one in the evening. Grains can provide benefit, but the scales can quickly tip in a direction away from benefit if overused.

When feeding grains and concentrates, you are not trying to meet nutritional needs. You are merely sealing a gap with small amounts of high-quality, Non-GMO, organic ingredients.

Happy Farming!

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