Grains & Concentrates Part II

Now, wait a Casually Cockeyed Minute #6

We've talked about how Grains, Peas, & Seeds can benefit nutrition, now let's briefly discuss the other question:

Why do we need them in the first place?

As stated previously, when animal's are allowed to roam and forage on HEALTHY pasture, we really don't. However, we also established there are gaps that need tending to, and Grains, Peas, & Seeds can assist by sealing those gaps. But, what are some other ways these feed ingredients might help?

1. Establish Routines:

Feeding times for our animals are at around 7:30 am, then again at around 6 pm. These two very small meals enable us to establish a routine. Counting everyone first, (especially beneficial when dealing with our chickens), we ensure everyone’s safety. After putting all into their stalls and coops, we proceed with our daily check-ups. This routine not only offers time for bonding but allows us to do a visual examination of the animal, ensuring all is well. It also permits us to watch the animal eat; no appetite can point to problems that might need further assistance.

2. To Carry Herbs as Food:

In the mixture of Grains, Peas, & Seeds, we mix in our Greens, Fruits, & Flowers. This mixture would be the equivalent of your taking an herbal supplement to promote overall health further sealing those nutritional gaps.

3. To Carry Herbs as Medicine:

There are times when we must administer herbs to help deal with a condition, for example, Sweet Itch. Grains, Peas, & Seeds enable us to administer this mixture easily. We also do a bi-monthly Herbal Dewormer, again easily mixed among the feed ingredients ensures digestion.

Whatever way you utilize feed, remember to offer small meals that provide large benefit.

Happy Farming!

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