Covered in Buckets

Now wait a Casually Cockeyed Minute #8

Is there a place beyond the recycle bin for all those empty buckets?

Oh, yes! Today, let's spend a minute discussing one way to put them to work in the house after they've served their purpose outside.

Got Kids? This time we're talking about the smaller human kind?

Our buckets are perfect for organizing blocks, doll clothes, books, and action figures. They come in very handy for the toy that has many pieces, AKA Legos.

They can also serve as a teaching tool. Have your kiddos sort their Legos or blocks by color, shape, size, or purpose. Barbie or doll outfits get categorized by season or style and books by character or genre.

When my kids were smaller, I would rotate toys to encourage play. Use the buckets to sort toys for seasonal rotation, or when your child is having a bad day, pull out a "surprise bucket" you've filled for just such an occasion. You can also keep one in your car that contains toys especially for "errand-day."

How about some old-fashioned chores? The buckets serve as great laundry sorters for items such as socks or mittens that little ones can match-up. They help older kiddos assist in family jobs such as mopping, car washing, trash pick-up, or as a cleaning supply caddy they design and fill themselves for their particular duties.

Lastly, how about a "time capsule"? The bucket can hold the past, present, or the future:

Fill it with yearly keepsakes that are unique to your child (i.e., artwork, cards, awards,

a favorite outgrown toy).

Turn it into a "bucket-list" by filling it with things you want to do this coming year. When you need a family activity - pull one out!

Whether for play or work, our buckets are waiting to assist you beyond the farm!

Happy Farming

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