Trusting the Moon

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When I began this Casually Cockeyed journey caring for animals, I found myself overwhelmed. Indeed, I can tell you when and how it all started - my turning to nature and its curative hand as an essential guide. Historically, however, its beginnings were rooted within my family; I guess it only natural it extend a trickle.

I began getting migraines at the age of 24. They were debilitating (if I could find a harsher way to say it, I WOULD). At the onset, I was put through several tests to ensure this was nothing more than a meeting with hell. Once determined, the onslaught of medications began - oh, now this was hell.

Committed to keeping the headaches at bay, I spent hours researching natural remedies. Here begins the love affair. Today, I do endure them, but with natural care, they've significantly reduced. I don't turn to one method, one herb, or one routine. It is always at the crossroads where methodology meets purposeful abundance, guided by a natural cycle, where I most often encounter overall health.

This ideal, and the basis of this minute, IS why I trust herbs, as well as, nature (in this case, the moon) when I am worming animals. Introducing a combination of nature's offerings two days before the moon becomes full and administering until two days after, we seasonally deworm all animals during this period. Here in the South, from November (when the leaves are falling thickly) through February, I distribute the mixture in their feed bi-monthly; then, from March (when the buds are returning) through October, I increase intake to monthly.

This system does not take the place of collecting regular fecal samples and having them load tested in both Fall and Spring, more often if needed. However, using this method has offered tremendous benefit to our farm; I hope it will prove valuable for yours.

Happy Farming!

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