Ingredient Focus #1: (Artemisia absinthium)

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Wormwood is a favorite herb of mine because it is a reminder that vitality and balance return to that which has been disturbed, overused, and exhausted. It is a native of Europe and Asia and flourishes wherever distressed pastures and plots long for life. Nature's recipe for restoring stability to the weak.

The pungency of this herb is mentioned several times in the Bible as a synonym for something or someone who is bitter (Lamentations 3: 15-19, Proverbs 5: 4 to name a couple). It has many tales, legends, and much controversy surrounding it. Earliest known mention, found on papyrus from around 1600 B.C., stated then it was used to rid the body of intestinal parasites.

Wormwood has many benefits, as well as cautions, and I must warn it is recommended one NOT use it without herbal experience. However, its the assistance it grants in expelling intestinal parasites that I will focus on in this minute.

Artemisia is a large group of plants, some 400, belonging to the daisy family. Its diverse members include sagebrush, mugwort, and tarragon. As a digestive stimulate, it invigorates the entire digestive process. Because this herb demands respect, I employ it as the leader in an herbal blend. I turn to this powerful herb to aid in expelling intestinal parasites from the gut with a holistic outlook, and so use it monthly in conjunction with moon cycles.

During a full moon, it is believed parasites become more active, and therefore, are easier to dislodge. I begin administering my Herbal Dewormer during the First Quarter Moon. This Half-Moon rises a week after the New Moon and will continue to wax to full over the next seven days. For five of these days, it is Wormwood leading its band of herbal heroes that helps me maintain a healthy gut in all of our animals.

Happy Farming!

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