Introducing: Mr. Gigantic, Earth-Shattering Crisis

Today, take things as they come. And we know how they come: one gigantic, earth-shattering crisis at a time - if we're lucky. Usually, it's more like a torrential baseball-sized hail storm, and your standing in an open field.

Today, we are going to tackle this! Think of one thing that weighs on you. Why is it such a burden? The why's will always lead us to the dilemma's roots. Choking vines will return no matter how many times you trim them; you must uproot them.

Now, let's give the situation character. What would it look like if it were a silly animation? A misfit superhero? A mysterious household object whose use is only suspected? Have an image?

Doodle a funny drawing of it - something that makes you smile - perhaps, even laugh. Keep this drawing with you as you conquer your day. Return to it every time you feel overwhelmed.

Now, Breathe...

Inhale: Today, life will not become an obligation.


Today, life is an adventure.


Today is a journey to savor.


Today, the possibilities for me to experience joyful contribution are at my fingertips.


Today, the ability to smile is in my hands!


Today, my dilemma is tackled. Mr. Gigantic, Earth-Shattering Crisis has got this!

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