to feed...

"To feed" should begin, first, where nature intended, in the pastures and yards your animals call home. We are merely there to help it along when needed. The way we do so is as personal as it is practical. To find the perfect combination of nourishment, enrichment, and if we're completely honest – a bit of spoiling – is something that soothes the mind with the notes of individuality and belief, bringing a ballad of harmony and peace to our souls. 

"To pass onto our animals that which we value: a passion for wholesome, natural nutrition and a thoughtful contribution therein"

Whether we accompany the complete diet that begins in your pastures and yards, offer a compliment to your feed bag, or simply serve as a treat to provide nutrition and variety - We Are That Contribution! 


Finally, feeds that not only help nourish your animals, but do so where you need them to:


One Feed - Boundless Potential

In your Pastures

A diet that begins among the generous, healthy pastures of yesterday, or is rooted in the varied landscapes of the modern farms of today require nothing more than a nudge to supplement any nutritional gaps. Our products can offer the perfect balance to complete this diet. 

In your Feed Bag

What do we do when those pastures and yards need more than a nudge to nourish our animals? We reach for high-quality forage and fodder to assist us in providing a taste of lushness. Our products work for everyone – furry and otherwise – sprinkle us among your hay or mix us directly into your feed bag! Where thrifty meets practical, we will provide organic, Non-GMO nutrition, as well as wholesome variety to your animal’s diet.

In your Hand

Let’s be honest; we all want to spoil our animals a little bit! So, if we are going to have a bit of a snack, why not make it count! Our all-natural, organic ingredients provide purpose to delight.

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All of our recipes originated in our own pastures; therefore, their inception was in nourishing animals roaming freely on our land. They wander, graze, root, and scratch their way to a complete diet with us supplementing any gaps. The foundation of feed is to offer a diet that simulates this lifestyle by simply providing bits of what they once found there.

Our recipes, like our care routines, are rooted in a whole-being, balanced approach derived from observing not only the body, but with consideration for their mind, spirit, and environment. We believe this ideal’s origin is grounded in nature. As seasons change, so do the needs of your animals. Therefore, helping nature provide nourishment must begin here.