to supplement...

"To supplement" means to add an extra element to...and that is our intention. Nutrition begins with nature; we then, fill in any gaps that arise with dried forage and feed. However, sometimes even with the best nutrition, a void can remain.


Therefore, to further promote positive health and diversity to diet, we immediately turn to herbs. The benefit of these important bits of nature should not stop or even begin in a state of healing, but further, preserve and support that health and healing. We've hand-mixed a "multivitamin" for your farm by combining human-grade, organic Greens, Fruits, & Flowers for all who live among them.


"Fulfillment cannot be engineered, but awaits right outside your door; it's found in simple ingredients...That's all"

We continue to aspire to fit into every farmstead, so precisely mix us into your daily ration, dump us into your feed bag, or gently offer us from your hand - We Will Be That Fulfillment! 

In your Daily Feed

Mix us directly into your daily ration.

In your Feed Bag

Dump all that herbal goodness right into your feed bag.

In your Hand

To even further extend the healthy snack, offer us right out of your hand.

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Our supplement recipes, like our feeds, are rooted in a whole-being, balanced approach derived from observing not only the body, but with consideration for their mind, spirit, and the environment. We believe this ideal’s origin is grounded, first and foremost, in nature. As seasons change, so do the needs of your animals. Therefore, supplementing any feed source must begin here.